Academic Quest Unifying Organization


Aquosus means "abundance of water," and potentia means "power." 


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt, student-run organization devoted to global welfare and education.


A team of diverse college students is currently being recruited to work synergistically on a complex and far-reaching water purification, reclamation and conservation and energy-production research project.  We PUBLISH UNDERGRADUATE COLLEGE STUDENT RESEARCH PAPERS and research papers on water purification, also solar and alternative energy sources.  We have a biannual cash prize contest for the best research submitted.



Working through a website, email and online sources as well as in on-ground "think tanks," this team will collaborate to write and publish college research papers and provide an AQUOpool database of information on renewable resources, solar and alternative energy, and technical solutions to the global need for clean water, alternative energy and food:

  • Reducing water loss
  • Finding solutions for water purification
  • Generating solar and alternative energy
  • Producing food
  • Creating jobs


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As we are a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation will be tax-exempt.  You may email use ("Contact Us" page) for a written receipt. 



BENEFITS: Drawing on the philanthropic enthusiasm and expertise of youth, this project promotes a worldwide, cross-discipline exchange of ideas for conservation, reclamation, and water purification and producing varying types of solar and alternative energy in an effort to employ green technology for global use.




  • Publish college research papers
  • Compile bibliographies and URLs to share
  • Work together to design new technological solutions for conservation and alternative energy production
    • Develop and test self-contained, point-of-use solar energy-powered water purification devices
    • Develop a system to retrofit canals with modular covers to reclaim and purify water while providing solar energy and promoting hydroponic food growth and algae for biofuel
    • Eventually engage in government and industry partnerships to fund college break work/study opportunities for production and operation

The key to global "green" conservation and reclamation of water by various purification or filtration methods is to ignite excitement in college students to write research papers to be published and to compete for an annual writing contest with cash awards.  The cash provides extra incentive, but the true reward is the sense of accomplishment in publishing research papers to be shared with the public.   Researching to find technical solutions can include solar energy, wind energy, biofuel energy, wave energy and other alternative energy sources that can be used together to supplement current fossil fuels and give energy access and clean potable water purified for drinking and food production all over the world.

We need small, simple point-of-use water filtration devices for purification as well as large, far-reaching ideas for the future, such as reclamation of water from canals and solar energy devices that could be used in developing nations as well as highly developed societies.  Water filtration is key to life, and clean, purified water is vital to the economic well-being of any country.  Water filtration and purification is necessary to avoid waterborne diseases and grow healthy crops.

We need to encourage our students to use their energy and brain power to research, write papers, share ideas and work together to develop new technology in alternative energy and water filtration solutions.  Our aim is to publish their writing and share their sources so that globally, on the Internet, others have access and we can build a mosaic of small ideas that work synergistically.  As college students come together and share, they can begin to cooperate and build working teams that can develop professional skills.  Publishing their research papers is the first step in intellectual cooperation.

Writing, computer, biological and physical sciences, legal, medical, engineering--all of these interests and skills come together in this mosaic where every student has a voice and all sources of research are shared when they write and publish their college research papers.  This helps prepare individual college students for their own professional future and may be the inspirational germs of ideas for other students to research.  An internet presence can be shared globally and can grow geometrically, whether suggesting small filtration devices to purify water, revealing new alternative energy solutions, or reaching into the canals of the future for water reclamation, every idea counts, and every college student can provide an idea through his or her paper.


We are open to submissions and have annual cash awards given to the best written research papers.  We are a student-run, non-profit organization and exist on donations and grants.  Please consider helping us.