About Us

About Us

Aquosus Potentia is a student-led, global R&D program ("Academic Quest Unifying Organization"). Headed by Intel Science Talent Search Finalist (abstracts available) and four-time Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist Nicholas M. Christensen (resume), this project seeks to compile contributions from students all over the world.

  • 1st goal—develop a database of college research papers exploring the problems and possibilities dealing with renewable resources.
  • 2nd goal—alleviate the problems through technology, such as testing Christensen’s solar-powered water distillation device, designed for use in developing nations or in emergency scenarios.
  • Final goal—Aquosus hopes to leverage the canal system to address multiple areas of international concern:  water, energy, food production, and jobs.


Aquosus Potentia is recruiting college student talent to work collaboratively, designing and developing a comprehensive solution.


To participate as a student member or a mentor, see the membership page.  All levels of membership are encouraged in this exciting new venture.

Member Bios

Nicholas M. Christensen

Nick Christensen graduated in 2015 from the Honors College of University of Alabama Huntsville with an interdisciplinary degree in applied physics, math, and emphasis on computer science. He’s currently a graduate student majoring in Modeling and Simulation at UAH on a CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Award.  As a high school student, he was a finalist at the International Science and Engineering Fair for four years, winning 4th and 2nd worldwide in computer science, an INTEL Science Talent Search finalist, a finalist in Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association National Science Competition, and recipient of numerous regional, national and international awards. He is particularly interested in research involving quantum physics as it relates to high-performance computers and computer security. He is the founder and Executive Director of Aquosus Potentia, which stemmed from one of his prize-winning projects, using a PIC computer circuit board to optimize solar energy, which in turn was used to produce potable water from pond water. He has contributed many articles and encourages other students to do so as well.


He has several papers published in the AQUOpool Library and took two first-place prizes in the Aquosus Potentia writing contest.
He also has a LinkedIn profile
Alexa Blakely
Alexa Blakely was born in Defiance, Ohio, but raised in Alabama. She is the only child herself, but now has two children of her own whom she loves and says are her inspiration.  Alexa’s major is health science.  She loves science and hopes to one day make a difference with it.  She is currently working at Montgomery AIDS Outreach and hopes to pursue a career involving AIDS research.

Contact her at

Her paper, titled "The Circle of Life: Bioponics," considers the possibility of raising both plants and fish in a symbiotic relationship in an aquatic environment was a prize-winner in the annual 2012 writing contest.
Temeka Shuford
My name is Temeka Marie Shuford.  I was born in Montgomery, Alabama, and live there now, but I spent eight years of my life in Lexington, Kentucky. I have both “blue-grass” and “southern pride."  I am very honored to be able to take place in such a monumental movement.  Before I researched my paper, I had no idea that so many people do not have access to sanitary water.  It saddens my heart that this exists in this day.  I am so happy that the whole world can come together as a unit and try to solve issues that affect so many people on a daily basis.  I know that too many people suffer from things that some of us take for granted, such as "24/7" access to sanitary water supplies in our homes.  Let’s make a difference together so that our children’s children can be proud of us.

Contact her at
Her paper, titled "Water Crisis: Sanitation is a Global Issue," discusses the importance of water, water-related diseases, and ways to make water safe for drinking.
Sharanda Norman
hI’m studying for a master's at Troy University in Montgomery, pursuing my dreams of becoming an English professor.  As an undergraduate, I majored in legal studies.  I’m a published author of poetry as well as essays. I enjoy reading, writing, and shopping, but most of my time is spent in school.  I’m glad to be associated with Aquosus Potentia because I’m particularly interested in researching water and contamination issues across the globe and seeing how these problems can be resolved from a legal perspective.

Contact her at
Her first paper was on C.E.R.C.L.A., the laws dealing with contamination.  The second paper, titled "Water Pollution and Contamination," explores the dangerous side-effects and causes of water contamination as well as the laws that deal with contaminated water; it took 1st place in the Miscellaneous category of the 2012 writing contest.
Brandon Jones
Brandon is working on a four-year degree in health science.  His interest in healthcare led him to investigate the recent cholera epidemic in Haiti, which was caused by contaminated water and unsanitary conditions.
Contact him at bjones@aquopotent.net
His paper is titled “Cholera in Haiti.”
Amanda Field
Amanda has now completed her four-year degree in healthcare science and has plans to continue with a nursing degree in the future. Especially concerned about worldwide problems in sanitation, she researched the process of solar disinfection of water.

Contact her at afield@aquopotent.net
Her paper, titled “The Sunny Side of it All: The Investigation of SODIS Water Purification," was a prize-winner in the 2012 writing contest.
Mitzi Swift
Born in Tallahassee, Florida, I am one of six children.  I have been married for fifteen years to William Swift, Jr., and have four children: William, Cristian, Jaison, and Dominique.  I am earning my bachelor’s degree in nursing.  My interests are college basketball, in particular Duke University’s Blue Devils, crossword puzzles, and whatever my life has planned for me.  I live by one mantra, and that is "I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, there's a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep ya head up.... and handle it,” quoting Tupac Shakur.

Contact her at mswift@aquopotent.net
Her paper, titled “What’s Buggin’ You, Giardiasis?,” explores a serious contamination in our drinking water, one that we all need to be aware of.
Laila Goston
I was born and raised in Cameroon (Africa), but I have been living in the United States for ten years. I own my own business, but while working full-time, I have now completed my bachelor’s degree in information technology.  I wrote a paper title “Drought in Kenya” because Kenya is one of many African countries currently affected by drought.  Because of the physical location of Kenya, fighting drought must be a continuing process.

Contact her at

Her paper is titled "Drought in Kenya."
Tavares Childs
I was born and raised is Demopolis, Alabama.  After graduating from high school, I spent about ten years in the US Air Force as a dental technician.  I have three children who are my pride and joy.  I am majoring in health science while working at a dental practice as a dental hygienist.  I love dentistry and plan to apply to dental school in hopes of becoming a successful dentist.  I feel that our country should become less dependent on foreign oil and wrote a paper suggesting more use of “Biofuels.”
Contact her at tchilds@aquopotent.net
Her paper is titled “Need for Biofuel.”
LaToya Davis

LaToya J. Davis lives in Alabama and, having just completed her degree in paralegal studies, is very interested in the legal issues erupting over water rights.

LaToya graduated with a degree in legal studies


Contact her at ldavis@aquopotent.net

Her paper, titled “Alabama and Georgia Water Wars,” looks the legal case between those two states.

Mauria Crayton
Mauria has completed an associate's degree in medical assisting. Her special interest is in diseases and the importance of clean drinking water for the world.
Her paper is titled “Waterborne Diseases in Africa.”
Geoff Welch
Geoff was born in Ft. Worth, Texas.  He is a full-time student at Emory University, where he is double majoring in biology and music performance. He hopes to continue on to medical school, where he plans to study to become a surgeon.

Contact him at

His paper is titled "Arsenic Poisoning and Risk Substitution: Contamination in Public Water Sources of Bangladesh."  It took 3rd place in the 2012 writing contest.

Dawn Sellers

Dawn is a full-time functional analyst at GovDeals.com, which provides services to various government agencies that allow them to sell surplus and confiscated items via the internet.  Prior to joining GovDeals, Ms. Sellers worked as a marketing and communications director for a local non-profit agency for five years.  In addition, she is in her senior year in college, majoring in information technology.
Her paper "Cloud Computing" tied for 1st place in the computer category of the 2012 writing contest.

James Perry

James is a psychology major at South University and is pleased to be associated with Aquosus Potentia.


Contact him at jperry@aquopotent.net

His paper is titled "Converting Cooking Oil into Biodisel."


Robyn Bentley

Robyn was born and raised in Martinsville, Indiana.  A happily married mother of one, she has just achieved her associate’s degree in medical assisting.  In the next five years, she is hoping to obtain her goal of working in ultrasound technology.  She is a published poet and enjoys reading.  In the process of researching this paper, she has come to realize that we need to find ways diminish the waste we already have accumulating and turn it into a positive energy. Hopefully, we can find a way new ways to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”
Her paper is titled "Biomass."

Marvin Lee

I hold an associate’s degree in graphic communication and am earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. One of my favorite hobbies is graphic design, which consists of: web design, photography and editing photos.  Designing web pages is a very profitable hobby to have. Bringing back to life old photos or manipulating photos always puts a smile on people’s faces. I also like taking photos because if you can make a person smile for a quick second, it’s always a good thing. My interest in creativity extends to creative ways to use resources, such as the concept of a solar/electric car.


Contact him at mlee@aquopotent.net

His paper is titled "Solar Electric Car."

Joel Tinker

Joel graduated from Covenant Christian Academy in Huntsville, Alabama. Joel was an INTERNATIONAL Science and Engineering Fair FINALIST for three years for his projects on heat radiators and building an electrical vehicle.  He also won an international honorable mention for his work.  He is now attending the University of Alabama in Huntsville where he will pursue a degree in electrical engineering with a minor in music technology, which he hopes will lead to a job in a recording studio.


Contact him at jtinker@aquopotent.net

His paper, titled "Electric Vehicles: History and Efficiency," tied for 1st place in the engineering category of the 2012 writing contest.

Phyllis R. Anthony

I was raised in Union Springs, Alabama, where I’m currently employed at Penn and Seaborn law firm. However, I served in the U.S. Army for 23 years, rising to the rank of Master Sergeant, with a couple of memorable years working as a Drill Sergeant. In 2008, I graduated from Athens State University with a B.S. in liberal arts. As of 2011, I started pursuing another degree in paralegal studies. I have one son, Stephan, who is 14. My hobbies include reading, traveling and shopping; I especially love to cook and experiment with spices.
Her paper is titled "Ethanol: Beneficial or Worthless?"

Patrick Hart

I attend South University in Montgomery, Alabama, both evening classes as well as online.  I am pursuing a bachelor's in busineness administration and upon completion, plan to obtain a master's.  I am employed at Holloway Credit Solutions, LLC.  Founded in 1900, we specialize in collections and billing for large infirmaries, hospitals, surgical centers, and other medical affiliated businesses nationwide. I work in operations and hope to continue advancing in the company.
Contact him at pathart@aquopotent.net
His paper is titled "Keystone XL Pipeline: A Stopgap."

Nathan Tinker

Nathan is a senior at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, majoring in mechanical engineering. In high school, he was an INTERNATIONAL Science and Engineering Fair FINALIST all four years for projects that involved Fresnel Lenses and Sterling Engines.  He was also fourth place in Alabama for the Gorgas High School Senior Science award.  He plans to attend Auburn University master’s program and eventually obtain a job designing equipment for the U.S. Army or NASA.
Contact him at ntinker@aquopotent.net
His impressive paper, "A Solar Stirling Renewable Energy Power System for Earth and Space Applications," tied for 1st place in the engineering category of the 2012 writing contest.
Darrell Goodson
I retired after serving 22 years in the United States Army with a few memorable wartime deployments to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bosnia, which sparked my interest in the important of clean drinking water.   I am currently pursuing my bachelor's in business administration with the future goal of obtain my master's in management and leadership.
Contact him at  dgoodson@aquopotent.net
His two papers on water are “Bottled Water vs. Tap Water” and “Waterbourne Diseases.”  He is volunteering his time as a Business Manager for Aquosus Potentia.
Eddie Crapps
I am currently battling cancer as well as attending college. I have already attained an associate's degree in paralegal studies.  I hope to work in the legal setting and continue my education to become an attorney.  I  have enjoyed writing this essay for Aquosus Potentia because of my concern about water contamination in the world and chemical pollutants that can cause diseases.  I hope to be an inspiring individual with the potential for great things. I am glad that I was chosen to be published and hope to be involved with the upcoming change in the way we use and preserve our natural resources.

Contact him at ecrapps@aquopotent.net
His paper is titled “Water Pollution: Desalination Processes to Clean the Water Supply.”
Jessica Griffin
I have almost completed my associate’s degree in Information Technology. I am the mother of two beautiful boys, Alex and Logan, and have been married for fifteen years to my husband Paul. Going back to school has forced me to come out of my shell and stop hiding from the unknown.  I can’t wait to see what the next part of my life has to offer, and I am ready for the adventure.

Her paper is titled “Harnessing the Power of the Tide” and was a prize-winner in the 2012 writing contest.
Jasmine Walton
Jasmine is a 23-year-old sophomore majoring in legal studies.  She has a two-year-old daughter who inspires her to “reach for the gold.”  She was born in San Diego, California; however, since her father was in the military, she has also had the opportunity to live in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. She is bilingual, writing, reading, and speaking fluently in both English and Spanish.  After the completion of her bachelor’s degree, she plans to attend law school with hopes of later becoming an immigration attorney.
Contact her at jwalton@aquopotent.net
Her paper is called “Solar Energy: Empowering Honduras," and won a prize in the 2012 writing contest.
Paul Boulet

Paul Boulet is a junior at Pope John Paul II Catholic High School in Huntsville, Alabama.  Paul's interest in finding the most effective and inexpensive means for purifying water was piqued when he read about the work of missionaries in Haiti.  Bringing awareness of the unnecessary human suffering that exists around the world for lack of simple purification means prompted this project.  Paul plans to attend the University of Dallas where he'll pursue a degree in mathematics.


Contact him at pboulet@aquopotent.net

Paul's paper, "Water....I'll Drink to That!" took Aquosus Potentia's first place special award in the Alabama Science and Engineering Fair in 2012 and also 1st place in the Water category of the annual 2012 writing contest for the organization.

Jasmine Warren
Private First Class Jasmine Warren, 21, has been in the U.S. Army National Guard for over a year, serving as a Water Treatment Specialist.  She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in criminal justice with dreams of becoming an FBI agent.  In the meantime, she loves serving her country by being in the military.  Even though she has not yet deployed, she plans to use her knowledge about water purification by showing others how the Army uses its machine overseas during wartime. She is trained to load and unload purification equipment, search and test possible water sites and distribute and store purified water.

Contact her at jwarren@aquopotent.net
Jasmine's paper is titled, "Water Dawgs Lead the Way!: The Army’s Water Treatment "

Amanda Lockamy

Amanda Lockamy is a criminal justice major with a flair for writing.  Her paper explores several new types of wave energy dealing with both tidal and thermal energy conversion.
Amanda's paper is titled "Ocean Energy."

Richeda Page

Richeda Page is a native of Kinston, North Carolina. She began her licensed practical nursing (LPN) career once she graduated from the Tennessee Technology Center in 2003. Since then, Richeda has specialized in geriatric patient care. As an LPN, Richeda has been nominated as the nurse of the year and for excellence in customer service awards. As the wife of an active duty Air Force airman, she’s had the privilege of traveling around the country. When her family was re-assigned to Montgomery, Alabama, her passion for the nursing career field was renewed. That re-invigorated passion resulted in her enrollment at South University in pursuit of a bachelor’s in nursing to be completed in 2014.


Contact her at rpage@aquopotent.net

Richeda’s paper, “Algae: A Renewable Resource” looks at some of the different ways that can be used to produce biofuel from algae.

Marti Spivey

My major is psychology, but my love is doing all kinds of activities outdoors:  camping, hiking and taking scenic nature photos are just a few of my favorite things.  I have always been curious about composting, since I was little, wondering why my great-grandmother had a container she was always putting banana peels and odd things in and then burying them in the backyard.  Our environment is in some serious need of attention.  Composting is an easy form of recycling that almost anyone could get involved with in some way and should be done at more businesses and places with a lot of property and soil.  When I recently visited Chewacla State Park in Auburn, Alabama, it was disheartening to see all the pollution spreading over our beautiful park.  Easy recycling methods such as composting are great ways to encourage people to recycle and help out!

Contact her at mspivey@aquopotent.net
Marti's paper on "Composting" explores ways to compost (with or without worms) as well as some of the history of composting and why it's worthwhile.

James D. Brantley

James is studying nursing while he works at Montgomery Alabama's Baptist South Hospital in the O.R. department.  He loves to help people and is always looking to make a great impact in someone's life.  He is married with two  babies, a beautiful daughter and a wonderful son.  James believes that life is a blessing, so make the best of it and try to make improvements in people's lives.
His paper, "Renewable Resources: A Brighter and Better Future," considers the importance of solar energy, even in  small, rural villages without electricity, and how it can help the economy and the environment.

Michelle Flowers

I am on my way to achieving my dream of becoming a traveling nurse.  I didn't have a clue about the struggle from lack of purified water until researching, and I can now say I'm glad to live in the U.S. where we have clean water.  As a future nurse, I was horrified to see all the diseases associated with contaminated water.  I am honored to be part of Aquosus Potentia and hope that together we can find some solutions like inexpensive filtration devices to achieve a better future for the world.


Contact her at mflowers@aquopotent.net

Michelle's paper, "Lack of Water in Africa," reviews some of the diseases and problems caused by contaminated water and promotes the usage of recycled dc motors and solar pumps for inexpensive water filtration.

Thomas Reeves

I am a 35-year-old father of two boys.  I attended Auburn University Montgomery after high school, but I dropped out and enlisted in the U.S. Army.  During my eight-year tenure, I returned fallen heroes, Army civilians, and retirees home from Landstuhl Army Mortuary in Germany.  I also served in Irag as a Morturary Affairs Specialist, unit armorer, gun-truck driver and gunner, providing convoy security, security for interpreters, compound security, combat-lifesaver, and comic relief.  In December 2003, when my convoy was ambushed by a sniper, my gunner was struck in the head and collapsed.  I took control of the convoy and rendered critical first aid, keeping him alive and able to eventually return to deployment.  As the unit armorer, I maintained accountability for a million dollars' worth of sensitive equipment with zero loss.  Shortly after returning from Iraq, however, things started to change in my life.  I was found unfit for duty for physical and mental reasons.  I was a highly decorated veteran sent home with what was finally diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  I became a shut-in for several years and a stay-at-home dad for my two young boys while my wife attended college.  In 2011, I reintegrated into society by enrolling to finish the psychology degree I had started 15 years earlier.  I can see the progress I'm making, dealing with PTSD.  Thanks to the support of strangers, faculty, students and family, I can see the future and my place in it.


Contact him at treeves@aquopotent.net

Tom's interesting paper, "Hemp: An Agricultural Super-Crop Held Hostage," makes a convincing argument for legalizing hemp as an extremely valuable renewable resource.

La'Starshia Davis

A lot of people think my name is extremely different.  As different as my name is, sadly, it has no meaning behind it.  About 99.9% of people call me "Star" for short.  I'm an only child from Birmingham, Alabama.  I love babies, the elderly, and animals, and I am part of an organization called "The Order of the Eastern Star" that is always giving back to the community.  Whenever I'm doing community service, my favorite people to work with are Alzheimer's patients.  In fact, I have a dream of starting up my own Alzheimer's foundation.  Whenever I'm not stressing myself about studies or community service, I love to spend time with my mother/grandmother, friends, three dogs and cat.  Playing volleyball and shopping are also favorite hobbies.  I'm working on my bachelor's in the heath science field.  After that, I'm going to focus on getting a master's as anesthesiologist's assistant.  Hopefully, the ending product will be Dr. La'Starshia "Star" Davis.
Her paper is titled "Water Pollution and Waste Management in China."

Amber Rose

I'm a proud Texas girl, born in San Diego, California, and raised in West Texas.  I spent six years serving in the Air Force in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  While there, I held a Top Secret clearance, working on some of America's deadliest weapons, nuclear missiles.  I separated from the Air Force to focus on my family and pursue my degree.  I spent four years as a 911 dispatcher; whereas that was interesting, it wasn't something I wanted for a career.  So I decided to leave my job and become a full-time student.  I'm currently finishing up my associate's degree in business administration and entering the bachelor's degree program.


Contact her at arose@aquopotent.net

Amber's paper, "One Man's Trash: Everyone Else's Undiscovered Treasure?" looks into the ways that common, everyday municipal waste can be put to better use by converting it to different types of energy sources instead of filling landfills.

Katina Platt

I was born in Athens, Greece, and have traveled extensively.  Within the U.S., I have visited 28 states; I've also been to Italy, France, Brazil and made numerous trips back to Greece.  At 25, my goal is to visit all 50 states in the next five years.  My dream vacation would be to go to Australia and experience the wildlife there.  Besides being interested in traveling, I work in an outdoor facility for teenagers, which includes hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, and much more.  I also go camping and hiking any chance I get when I'm not at work, including part of the Appalachian Trail.  I have a young son, Gabriel, who participates in many of my traveling and outdoor activites.  He went on his first road trip last summer; he also comes with me on many of my outdoor adventures.  To sum it all up, I am a traveler and an outdoorsy woman, but above all, I am an active mom


Contact her at kplatt@aquopotent.net

Kat's paper on "Bamboo Bio Char" uncovered a very cheap, easy method of water filtration for famlies in developing nations to make their own natural filters and help provide a solution to global water contamination.

Jasmine Edwards

Jasmine is currently a working to attain her bachelor's of science in legal studies. She is the mother of a two-year-old who is the center of her universe. Jasmine is an eight-year veteran of the United States Army.  Attending South University is setting her goals in motion to provide a better life for her and her son.
Her paper is called "Power of the Wind: The Beginning of Energy Freedom."

Charles Lewis

I am retired Army veteran of 25 years, where I served as an artilleryman, physical therapy tech, and recruiter.  I’m originally a native of Georgia, but my assignments took me around the world:  Fort Sill OK, Fort Hood TX (two tours), Fort Bragg NC, San Diego CA, Grafenwoehr, Germany, Montgomery AL (two tours), Los Angeles CA, San Juan PR, and three overseas deployments.  I met my wife of 25 years, Andrea, at my first duty assignment (FT Hood TX).  We have four children:  two boys and two girls.  I’ve enjoying playing sports with them and have served as youth coach for over 15 years.   I’m currently enrolled in a business administrative program and plan to continue until I’ve obtained my MBA.  Although I’m a business major, I’ve always had an interest in renewable resources, which is why I submitted my paper on solar energy, looking at it from a business point of view.

Jonae Reynolds

I am studying business administration, but I am also a published poet and have won many awards and recognitions from writing contests. I had the chance of a lifetime to attend North Springs Charter High School my senior year.  North Springs, which is one of the most notable art schools in the United States, then inspired me to create my own art group in high school called Inspired Vision.  My vision for this organization is to help youth become more artistic, more conscious of society, and more self-confident. I have a passion for art and artists, and I hope to become an author and maybe a movie writer one day.


Her paper is “Nuclear Power: A Powerful Energy Source”

Garland (Rick) Coleman

Born in Washington, DC, and raised in Temple Hills, Maryland, Garland “Rick” Coleman is
married and the father of three daughters.  He served in the Air Force for a combined 24 years on active duty and in the reserves. While in the Air Force, he attended several technical schools and colleges, including Louisiana Tech University, Amridge University and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He’s currently pursuing a degree in information technology and plans to use his computer skills to continue to serve the country and community.


Rick’s paper, “A Case for Residential Solar Power,” considers the pros and cons of adding solar panels to private residences.

Brandon Dean

I already have a certificate from Fortis College in the medical office x-ray technologist program.  However, I’m currently working my way to a BA in nursing. The healthcare industry is extremely important to me because my family possesses the inherited Alzheimer's gene.  Maybe one day I will find a better preventative measure or even a cure for these crippling neurological diseases.

Brandon’s paper explores an unusual topic: “Carbon Dioxide: A Renewable Resource?” and the use of algae as a fuel source.

Terrance Jefferson

Born in Germany as an “Air Force brat,” this Marine Corps reservist, Terrance Jefferson, grew up in Georgia but has lived in Florida and Germany as well as Alabama. While studying to become a Physical Therapy Assistant, he currently works for the State of Alabama and helps manage a family-owned hair salon. He and his “supportive” wife Shunna have four “amazing” children with whom they enjoy reading, sports, computers and gaming. Terrance especially enjoys free-lance writing.

Terrance shows his slightly humorous bent considering a serious subject in his essay, “Submitting to the Wrath of Fossil Fuels; Are Biofuels Our Holy Grail?

Shannon Philips

Shannon Phillips is a full-time Lab Assistant/Phlebotomist for Baptist Hospital in Montgomery, Alabama. She is also a full-time student pursuing a bachelor’s in health science. She uses a variety of products that contain hemp. Until doing the research for her paper, however, she never realized what a valuable renewable resource the plant is and how much we can benefit from legalizing it in the United States.

Shannon’s paper, “Hemp: A Renewable Resource” examines the large variety of products and the economic benefit from growing hemp.

Jontai Reynolds

I was born in Huntsville, Alabama, but I am currently a senior at South University in Montgomery. After graduating with a bachelor’s in criminal justice, I plan to get a master’s in forensic anthropology from Alabama State University. In my free time, I especially enjoy shopping, reading, and watching Law and Order SVU.


Jontai follows her sister Jonae Reynolds in having a paper, “Ocean Wave Energy,” published by Aquosus.

Nicole Ring

I was born in Valdosta, Georgia, but I was brought up in a military family and moved around a lot.  After completing high school, I joined the Air Force and was immediately stationed at Eielson AFB, Alaska, after technical training in Wichita Falls, Texas.  I have studied pharmacy and nursing at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, University of Maryland, Virginia College in Montgomery, Auburn University of Montgomery, and South University in Montgomery.  My plan is to become a Nurse Anesthetist, which is why I am particularly interested in recycling hospital waste.

Nicole’s paper, “From Rubbish to Riches,” delves into the numbers, showing that hospital could save a tremendous amount of money by recycling.

Dominique Ward

Currently I am enrolled in a pre-nursing program. Coming from a family that has health problems, I find nursing a perfect fit.  One day, when I have my BA in nursing, I hope to find a better treatment for COPD-related diseases.  Family and God are the two rocks in my life; I could not function without either.

Dominique’s paper, “West Virginia Clean-Up: Coal Mine Chemical Spill,” investigates the details and some of the health-related consequences of the 2014 massive contamination.

Kayla Wert

Kayla was born in “sunny, military-filled” North Carolina, but later moved to Indiana Florida, and then
Alabama. After high school, she joined the military, working with firearms ranging from 9mm to 50 calibers. Presently, she is in legal studies with plans to enter law school and eventually practice estate planning and probate law. Her four-year-old daughter is “on her way to becoming a lawyer as well and can already argue her way out of a pit of hungry lions.” She brightens Kayla’s darkest days and keeps her moving forward: “Never let the things that you want make you forget the things you have”—Unknown. Kayla also works part time for the library and enjoys photography and gardening.

Kayla’s interest in gardening and fresh food spawned her interest in the paper topic: “Hydroponics: Future of Farming and Healthy Eating.”

Chris Spraker

I always dreamed of working with computers and eventually decided to become a programmer after graduating with my bachelor's in information technology. I have an insatiable need to help people, which prompted my trying to become a police officer at the age of 18. I joined the Cadet program and worked in the police department doing clerical work, riding with sworn officers during bad weather for an extra set of hands, helping bring unruly drunks to the jail, and writing reports at the station. Due to snapping my ulna about a half in from the elbow, I was unable to complete the academy. I worked as a jeweler, life insurance agent, call center agent, and even a security guard before finally getting back into school to fulfill my dream. I hope one day to be a programmer at NASA. I feel that understanding the universe is a great path to self-actualization.


His paper, “Solar Power in Business Applications,” uncovers some interesting statistics about the increasing use of solar power. He is on LinkedIn.

Brianna Shuff Layfield

Brianna was raised in Alabama and Louisiana. Because she is of Cajun-French heritage, she was required to speak French and English while attending schools in Louisiana, followed by studying German throughout high school. After high school, she became a veterinary technician, mainly inspired by her love of animals and interest in medicine. She is now a certified dietitian assistant and is currently pursuing a degree in health science, with the goal of receiving a nursing degree. From there, she hopes to attend medical school to become a forensic pathologist. She aspires to contribute to ongoing cancer research, focusing on the genetic predisposition aspect, and she is fascinated in researching rare diseases. When she is not spending time with her husband or children, she enjoys reading and writing in her spare time, with the hopes to write throughout her career.


Her paper is on the unusual subject of “Life after Death: The Environmental Benefits of Natural Interment.”

Amanda Edwards

I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in legal studies. When I decided on law, I did so because I wanted to put myself into a position to make a difference in people’s lives. Life experience and attending college the last couple years has inspired me to want to start a non-profit organization for the homeless and underprivileged population of our community here in the Montgomery, Alabama, tri-city area.


Her paper, “Bio Burial,” looks at embalming, cremation, alkaline hydrolysis and forms of “green” burial.

Karen Faulkner

I am a LPN with 25 years of caring for others. Nursing is a rewarding profession with the ever-changing back drop and new characters entering in and out of my life. I am also a proud mother of two beautiful girls who will always be my inspiration to move forward. Deciding to go back to school may prove to be more than I counted on, but I have always been up for a challenge and plan to use this opportunity to earn my degree in business.


Her paper, “Briquettes Not Just for Your Barbecue,” considers the process of compressing waste paper and other materials into briquettes to use for fuel.

Brittany Burchfield

I was born in Tupelo, MS. I have two Shih-Tzu’s, commonly referred to as my kids, who are my whole world because I’m an animal freak. As of now, I have an AAS degree in Business Information Systems Technology from Itawamba Community College in Mississippi. I am pursuing another degree in nursing, but I am quite squeamish and currently working to overcome my fear. I love to help and heal people. I’m no stranger, and love to talk and laugh by nature. I plan on traveling the world and pursuing a job once I have my degree.


Brittany wrote about many aspects of “Water Contamination” and the need for more treatment facilities.

Adrias Scott

I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in the Information Technology field. I have a great interest in the technology field because it is constantly growing. I served six years in the U.S. Armed Forces and am a veteran of foreign war. I am the oldest of three children, with one daughter of my own. I am a full-time student, and I hope that one day you will all use electronic products I’ve produced. Click on link for his résumé.


His paper is on “The Lithium-Ion Battery,” which has been a huge asset to the growth of technology.

Johnathan (J.J.) Cook

Growing up, I mainly lived in Alabama, but also lived in Tallahassee, Florida.  My passion for computers and what they do led to my desire to get a degree in Information technology.  My greatest passion is helping others; that is why I have been working as a security guard for 27 years. The desire to combine my interest in security and computers is why I have chosen to go into cyber security.  My hobbies include online gaming, reading and writing, and I am an active born-again Christian.   I am writing a children’s book that will be geared to elementary school level.  One of my life goals is to finish my book and get it published.

The paper J.J. wrote is “Bamboo: Savior of Our Planet,” which looks into not only the uses of bamboo in  products but its remarkable ability to counteract carbon emissions.

Lee Maddox, Jr.

Officer Lee Maddox, Jr., a Conservation Enforcement Officer with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, is assigned to the Marine Police Division where he has been employed nearly ten years, working throughout the state. He currently covers the Alabama River, Montgomery County post. He is dedicated to promoting education and safety to the state’s boating community. Officer Maddox can be contacted at lee.maddox@dcnr.alabama.gov


You can also view his resume.


His paper, “The Contamination of Life’s Vital Resource,” explores extreme contamination of lake and ocean waters.

Amanda Brooks

I have worked at Mexico Tipico in Prattville, Alabama, as a waitress for over four years. On my own time, I am studying Spanish as a second language. Within the next three years, I would like to have completed my education to be a pediatric nurse. I love children and have two of my own. I would love to be out of the serving business and into a field that makes me happy, preferably in the Montgomery, Alabama, area.


Mandi’s paper, “Solar LED Lighting Systems,” explores the pro and cons of using solar power for lighting.

Joseph Ganjei

I lived in Norcross, Georgia, for about twelve years, then moved to California where I would enjoy returning in order to visit old friends. I am currently in Alabama, pursuing a degree in information technology, which interests me greatly. In fact, I hope to continue to do graduate study. So here I am, ready to take on anything that comes my way.


Joseph’s paper, “Alternative Energy: Nuclear Energy,” explains how efficient, safe and inexpensive nuclear power can be.

Joshua Barrett

I was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, but at eleven, moved to Montgomery. At age eighteen, I joined the United States Marine Corps, and traveled to many countries, including Japan. I really enjoyed Japan, so I moved Hiroshima after leaving the Marines. I studied Japanese and am fairly fluent in reading and writing it. While in Japan, I made some friends that were deaf and studied Japanese Sign Language as well. I have always liked helping people, which led to my college major in healthcare. I chose to write about perpetual motion devices and machines because technology is amazing to me. I would love to be able to see a working perpetual motion device in my lifetime so that we can become less dependent on fossil fuels and bring energy to countries that struggle with steady energy sources.


You can view his resume.


Joshua’s paper, “Perpetual Motion Devices and Machines,” looks at some of the historical attempts to build a working perpetual motion device as a renewable energy source.

Marcia Stoudemire Lee

I’m a pending graduate at South University-Montgomery in an Associate’s Degree program for Legal Studies.  I also have an Associate’s in Computer Information Systems with emphasis on Cisco programming.  I’m a disabled veteran who served thirteen years, both active duty and reserve, in the U.S. Marine Corps, including Desert Storm in 1991.  I have two children and three grandchildren and enjoy writing poetry (published), exercising, and traveling. 

Marcia Lee’s paper on “Global Warming” explores alternative viewpoints, possible causes, effects and solutions.

Arthur Faire 

I served in the U.S. Army over 23 years, stationed at Fort Hood, TX; Fort Stewart, GA; and Fort Bliss, TX, in the U.S.   I served overseas in Germany, Korea, Bosnia Herzegovina at Tuzla Airbase, and then in the Middle East during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, 1990-1991.  I deployed to Al Jabber Airbase, Kuwait, in support of the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, where I was a First Sergeant in a Headquarters Battery.  After retiring from active duty, I was a Corrections Officer with the Montgomery County Detention Facility where I was a member of the elite Extraction Team.  Later, I was selected as an Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Instructor at Bullock County High School in Alabama.  Currently, I am a full-time student with plans to seek Master’s Degree in Information Technology.  The reason that I decided to research biomass is because I believe the United States, a world super power, should not have to rely on third world to keep the country moving forward.

Arthur Faire’s paper on “Biomass Energy” looks at the problems with combustible petroleum and suggests using biomass energy as an alternative source for daily use.

Ashley Driver

Having always lived in Verbena, Alabama, I have been married for almost 12 years and am now a stay-at-home mom of three wonderful children (2 boys and 1 girl) and a full-time student at South University of Montgomery.  Family is very important to me.  I am majoring in health science with the goal of becoming a nurse.  When I graduate, I would love to work in a large hospital, hopefully in the Emergency Department until my children are grown; then I’d like to join the traveling nurses association and work abroad.  I wrote a paper on wind energy because I hope that one day we can generate power solely from clean, renewable resources that don’t pollute the air we breathe.

Ashley’s paper considers the pros and cons of “Wind Energy for a Healthier Future."

JaQuasha Rumph

I’m a 20-yr-old freshman, majoring in health science. After completing the program, I plan to enter a nursing program to become a neonatal nurse.  When I graduate, I hope to move to California or Florida because I love sunny places.

JaQuasha explores the interesting concept of “Converting Animal Fat into Biodiesel.”

Tyerickson (Eric) Rodgers

As a 38-yr-old father of three, Eric’s led a busy life, including coaching for a couple Little League Football teams.  He’s also had a variety of work experiences from driving a school bus to being an auto collision repair technician.  He’s in college now, though, to switch to a new career as a Physical Therapy Assistant.

Rodgers’ paper, “Old Tires: The Problem and the Solution,” uncovers some surprising ways to recycle old tires.

Lester Miller

Born in Clanton, Alabama, I now live in Montgomery with wonderful wife and two beautiful children.  In construction most of my life and a locksmith for five years, I just recently quit my job as a truck driver to give my full attention to being a husband, father, and student.  I love to travel.  I have family in Canada, whom I often visit. A few years ago, my wife and I joined our church’s mission’s trip to Belize. I also own a small piece of property in Virginia and have visited most of the Eastern states. I enjoy sharing and making memories of the great outdoors with my family.  My hobbies are hunting, fishing, boating, camping, hiking, gardening, softball, baseball, and football.  I thoroughly enjoy helping people. I was raised to believe that one doesn’t have to possess much in order to give a lot.  I’m earning a degree to become a Physical Therapist Assistant.  In the coming years, I hope to help as many people as I can and create a well-balanced and bright future for my family.

Les Miller’s paper discusses issues with harnessing “Geothermal Energy."

Sara Camp

My major is physical therapy assisting because I enjoy helping people.   I believe that hydroponics will be an incredible way to allow people who do not have much to be able to provide for themselves. My brother and his wife work with their church every year in a small village in the Andes Mountains called Jicamara, Peru, where they built a hydroponic farm for the villagers so that they will be able to work as a community to provide for themselves. By giving people a way to help themselves, you give people the freedom that poverty does not allow. I hope to use my degree to travel around and provide people a way to regain their freedom.

Allen Kline

I am 20 years old and live in Prattville Alabama. I am currently attending South University of Montgomery to achieve my goal of becoming a physical therapy assistant.

Jessica LeClear

I am mother of two beautiful children, lover of the rare beauties in life, and tree-hugger extraordinaire. Returning to college after many years is a great passion of mine, too.  In the future, I hope to see America embrace renewable resources. 

Carolyn Bridson

Carolyn Bridson was born and raised in Michigan. She is currently pursuing her major at South University to become a physical therapist assistant. Carolyn strongly believes that our future lies in renewable resources. She believes we should each do our part in researching what is going on in our local environment and what we can do to change any negative effects.

Daphne M. Guy

I was born in Luverne, Alabama. I have an Associate’s Degree in Human Resource Management, but I am now studying for a Bachelor’s Healthcare Management. I am a single parent with a thirteen-year-old daughter, who is my inspiration and my biggest cheerleader. I really enjoyed researching waterborne diseases. Guinea worm is just one of many, but after reading about how this disease has infected people over in Ghana, it really touched my heart and really made me want to join in helping with eradicating this disease. We take mundane things for granted at times. We are so fortunate to be able to have access to fresh water unlike the impoverished people in Ghana, who don’t have such luxury.

Paige Hopp

My name is Paige; I’m studying to be a medical assistant and will graduate in 2017. I also work full-time because I’m a single mother to a beautiful little girl. I am a very lovable and outgoing person, and I want to see the best in people and help people. That is why I had a passion to be in the medical field. I chose medical assistant so that I can get my foot in the door and start a better life for my daughter and me. My family is originally from Las Vegas, and I plan on moving back as soon as I graduate from college.

Tara Jackson-Williams

My name is Tara Elaine Jackson-Williams, born in Demopolis, Alabama. I am the oldest of three children, five minutes older than my twin brother. I love children, singing, cooking and baking. When my two children, a girl and a boy, finished school, I decided to return to school. I am a certified Medical Assistant, working for a Baptist medical office. I love helping others, which is one of the reasons I’m getting my RN license. My mother was my biggest cheerleader in everything I did. I miss and love her so much; to see my paper on line would have really made her happy.

Nicholas Brigandi
I am a medically retired U.S. Navy Fleet Marine Force Corpsman with seven years of active service, including four years overseas in Iraq and Japan.  I enjoy fishing, rugby, and family kayaking with my fiancée and our daughter.  Currently, I am pursuing degree in psychology and plan to specialize in PTSD.
His paper explores “Hydraulic Fracturing:  A Necessary Evil.”

Rachel Durand
I graduated from high school in 2015 in Texas.  I am the daughter of active duty United States Airmen, who are both deployed now.  I have begun a college and will be applying for the Physical Therapy Assistant program in the summer.  I have a strong desire to help others, which is why I chose to work in the medical field.
Her paper discusses the pros and cons of “Ethanol Fuel.”

Kellcie Burch
I am the nineteen-year-old, only child of two wonderful parents; I’ve been working with my dad at Jim Massey Formalwear for six months.  I graduated from Tuscaloosa County High School in Alabama in 2015. I am studying now to be a Physical Therapy Assistant because I was a competitive cheerleader and tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus in high school, and I am very passionate about helping people in need.

Her paper is on “Contaminated Water.”

Katelyn Hodo
My name is Katelyn Hodo. I was born and raised in Wetumpka, Alabama. I'm pursuing my career in nursing. The main factor that played a major role in my career decision was my grandmother. S he was a registered nurse, but I plan to aim higher and become a nurse practitioner or a doctor.  Ever since I was young, I always found myself taking care of others, trying to make them feel better, and it brought a smile to my face every time.
Her paper “Wasting Water” explores the history and dangers of amoebic dysentery, especially for children.

LaWanda McErvin
I from Enterprise, Alabama, but I live in Troy. I am enrolled in a nursing program with the goal of becoming a nurse practitioner one day.  I have been a member of the Army National Guard for nine years now, and I absolutely love it.  I went on one tour to Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2010.  I have three wonderful children, whom I adore.  Some of my hobbies include reading, bowling, spending time with my family, going to the beach, and cross-fit training.  Writing papers is something I take pride in and enjoy doing.
Her latest paper, “Water Contamination in Afghanistan” uncovers the serious nature of water contamination in Kandahar that has been affecting not only the Afghanistan natives but also our military, as she knows from personal experience.

Joe Race
I grew up in Florida until my early teens and have since lived in Texas, Florida (twice), Germany, Turkey, Virginia and now Alabama (twice, too).  It has been a long journey, but I am finally glad to be somewhere I can call home again.  I enjoy outdoor sports like basketball, baseball, hunting, fishing, and hiking.  My wife is in Air Defense in the Air National Guard, and we have two children (ages 2 and 4 months).  I currently have all my training invested in pharmacy but hope to graduate in the next couple years with a degree in Information Technology.  We are in the process of renovating a home that is comfortably situated on over 25 acres!  So where I find the time to chase 2 kids, renovate a home and go to school full time and work full time, I don’t know.  I guess it is just proof we can do whatever it is we want to do.  With a strong heart and eager hands, anything is possible.  I never dreamed of being on this website, but I picked up a pencil and started writing.

Joe wrote about the interesting topic of “Hydroponics: The Time is Now!,” getting some of his information from someone who has been working with hydroponics projects.

Haley Cauthen
I was born and raised in Prattville, Alabama, where I currently live. I am pursuing a BSN in Nursing. I am the mother of two lazy dogs and one wild cat. I enjoy helping people in any way that may help brighten their day, and I enjoy any activity that pertains to the great outdoors.

As a nursing student, Haley was interested in writing a paper on the pathology of “Giardiasis.”

LaSonya Lilly
I grew up in Lowndes County, Alabama, but I have lived in Montgomery for ten years.  I am married to my best friend, Johnathan. We have two beautiful kids, Morgan and Kaleb.  I have worked in property management for eight years; however, my passion lies in the medical field.  I decided a year ago to pursue a career in the medical field as a physical therapy assistant.  I love to help people, and this career will allow me to do just that.

Her paper delves into common water question of “Tapped or Capped?” water—which is better?

Holly Davis
I am from Tallassee, Alabama, a small town between Montgomery and Auburn. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am a huge outdoor person; I love to hunt, fish, and photograph nature.  I am an only child but have 13 younger cousins, who are more like little brothers and sisters. I work full time at an orthopaedic office, where I thoroughly enjoy my job.  I am currently studying to obtain a bachelor’s degree in health science and get my RN license.  Caring for others has always been a huge part of my heart, and I cannot wait to finish school and start caring for others more than I do now.
Her paper explores the epidemic of “Cholera in Haiti.”

Cynthia Dollar

Born in Arkansas, I have been married for 16 years and have two beautiful children. I work as a respiratory therapist while obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management. I became interested in the effects of water contamination when the Flint water situation became an issue. Before that, I had never thought about how dangerous lead could be. I believe that there is a solution; it is called education.

Her paper is titled "Lead Poisoning."

LaQuida Trimble

I’m a single mother, and my children are my inspiration. I’m now a health science major, but I looking to get into the nursing program. I have loved working as a Certified Nursing Assistant for 15 years, so I don’t mind going the extra mile to become a registered nurse. I’m excited about this journey and will work extremely hard to accomplish my goals.

Her paper is titled "Hydroelectricity: Using Water to Generate Electricity."
Mark Stephens

Mark Stephens graduated from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida, and became pastor to the deaf and high school English teacher in Maryland. He became interested in missions and later went to Costa Rica, where he learned Spanish. After learning Spanish, he served as missionary for eight years in Puerto Rico. Mark came to Alabama, where he started a Hispanic church and became fascinated with law. He is attending South University for his Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies. Because of his fascination in the Bible and Israel, he wrote his paper on the Negev desert area of Israel and their successful irrigation methods.

Sarah Cockran

Sarah Corkran is a part-time student at South University and a full-time pharmacy technician. She is currently enrolled in prerequisite courses for the Physical Therapy Assistant program. In 2004, she graduated from Huntingdon College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion. Sarah is a proud wife and stepmom of one. She attributes her success and motivation to her husband, stepdaughter, and parents. Outside of work and school, Sarah enjoys running, hosting parties, and crafting. She is a native to the South and resides in Montgomery, Alabama.

Shermika Jackson

I am proud to say that I am from a small town, Loachapoka, AL. I have two beautiful children who inspire me daily to strive for the best and complete my education. I attend South University in Montgomery, AL, and my major is Physical Therapist Assistant. After I receive my degree, I do plan on furthering my education. My passion is to help others, and my major is perfect for that. It is truly an honor to be associated with Aquosus Potentia.

Stephen Robinson

Born and raised in Red Level, Alabama, Steven Robinson is married with one child and is pursuing the physical therapist assistant program at South University in Montgomery. He has always been intrigued with how things work and enjoys trying to think of new ideas on how to make them more efficient and powerful. He also does the same with his body, which he is always trying to make faster and stronger. His love of mechanics and fitness directed him on a path towards the United States Marine Corps, where he served five years as a sergeant working on the AV-8B Harrier. The demanding labor and harsh environment allowed him to realize that being fast and strong isn’t enough to keep a healthy body. His love for the gym and love for fixing things has brought him to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Perdale L. Johnson

Perdale L. Johnson graduated from high school with honors in 2007.  She then attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham but transferred to South University Montgomery to be closer to family.  She is a published poet and featured in Anthology of Young American Poets, 2004 ,  and Southern Reflections, 2011 and 2012.  She was brought up to work to change the world, so she now is the director of a non-profit educational center that tutors and mentor pre-K through 12th grade students. Enriching the lives of the youth is her passion and goal, so she is also very active as a leader in her church's youth department.  With all that, she still makes the time to be "Mommy" to a very active seven-year-old named Josiah. 

She can be reached at
perdalej@gmail.com.  Her paper is called “Haiti’s Fresh Start Program.”

Stephen Jones

 At age 29, I’m planning to graduate in 2019.  I’m originally from Kingsport, Tennessee.  Currently, I’m working on a degree in physical therapy assisting while employed at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing, where I’ve worked for six years. I’m an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hunting and fishing.  Science has always held my interest.  I decided to write my paper on desalination because it seems so strange that with so much water on this earth, we still have people without safe clean water. There has to be a solution that is efficient and environmentally friendly.  Watching our world suffer from pollution from mankind hurts my heart, so I’m interested in any idea that could help.

Stephen’s paper is “Desalination.”

Ashlee Harris

                As a single mother of one, I’m always searching for a way to save a buck.  This is the reason I researched rainwater harvesting.  It seems to be a great way to save money and be environmentally friendly.  I’ve been a hospital corpsman in the Navy for six years.  I’m currently serving in the United States Navy Reserves and have done training aboard Naval Hospitals located in Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, and South Carolina.  I’m also a full-time physical therapist assistant.  I enjoy contributing to the rehabilitation of my patients and watching them progress.  My ultimate goal is to become a clinical director over an outpatient or skilled nursing facility.  My hobbies include singing, dancing, traveling, and writing.

Ashlee’s paper is on “Rainwater Harvesting.”

Cynthia L. Michaud

Cynthia L. Michaud is a 50-year-old retired State of Alabama governmental accountant and retired CFO of Early Childhood Education state government agency.  Although she continues to work for this agency in a part-time capacity, she officially retired in 2011 and returned to college to seek an undergraduate degree in nursing.

Her paper is “Solar Panels for All.”

Michael Sherman

Michael Sherman was born in Montgomery, Alabama.  After graduating from Jefferson Davis High School, he worked as a lifeguard for over ten years.  He then joined the United States Navy, where he served his six years of active duty as a rescue swimmer.  While serving his military time, he met his beautiful wife.  They have one son with another baby on the way.  After his military service, he has since pursued his two-year degree in physical therapy assisting.

His paper is on “Algae Biofuel.”

Krystle Wright

Krystle Wright is a dedicated wife and devoted mother to two wonderful boys.  Born and raised in Wetumpka, Alabama, Krystle is a Medical Assisting graduate with special attention to phlebotomy. She hopes to spread the message of humanity through her positive attitude and commitment to patient care. She believes that “Love Conquers All,” and you get out of life what you put into it.

Her paper discusses the lead pipe infrastructure problem in the United States, “Opt-Out, Lead-Out: Flint, Michgan.”

Cody Dingman

I moved to Auburn, Alabama, a year after I was born and spent the majority of my childhood there.  I enjoy working out at the gym and wakeboarding at the lake in my free time.  I started my BS degree in 2017, majoring in exercise science, with hopes to move on the graduate school in physical therapy and eventually attain my doctorate.  I’m currently working at an outpatient physical therapy clinic as a technician, getting experience and hopefully an edge in school.  I’m honored to be a part of Aquosus to help raise awareness of the environmental dangers that we face today.

His paper, “Dwelling in the Mist, Legionnaires’ Disease,” warns about the necessity of air conditioning maintenance to avert spreading this serious disease.