Logic of the Project

Logic of the Project

Logic of the Database Project

  • Researching and writing papers will provide college students with real-world experience in thinking critically, working cooperatively and using multiple disciplines to solve problems.


  • Using an online and cloud approach to national and global participation employs a cost-effective method of organization and a remarkable new mode to encourage student participation.


Logic of the Water Distillation Project

  • Lack of potable water is a major global health issue.
  • Simple, inexpensive point-of-use distillation devices could provide life-saving access to clean drinking water.
  • Using a solar panel to power a Peltier thermoelectric device could accelerate the distillation process.
  • Programming a microprocessor to optimize the solar power would further increase distillation.
  • Any research promoting optimization of solar power would have countless worldwide applications.
  • Research involving wireless communication of processed data could lead to significant improvement of energy monitoring and applied to more complex projects.

Potential Long-term Canal Project

  • Canals are public right-of-ways, built in standard sizes.
  • Because they are built in arid areas and run 100s of miles, they lose water by evaporation and seepage.
  • Covers and liners engineered in a modular fashion (preferably from recycled materials) could preserve water and reclaim water lost because of evaporation. 
  • Because canals are often built in sunny locations, some of the covering pods should be designed as passive solar stills.
  • Others could be fitted with "smart" solar panels and networked to provide energy to the electric grid or at least help power water pumps. 
  • Additionally, some greenhouse pods could be designed to use hydroponics for growing food.
  • Further associated with the canals, algae ponds could be grown(potentially fed with sewage in a recycling effort), to produce oil.
  • This project can be tested and implemented in a modular fashion.
  • As the need for clean water, new energy sources and new food increases, the cost of the implementation will lessen in significance.
  • Building and monitoring the system will provide jobs in low-income areas.