Membership Levels

Membership Levels

AP Basic Member--anyone who pays the membership fee and wants to participate occasionally or help support the cause

AP Participating Members--students who have papers accepted for publication and/or participate significantly in online discussions

AP Associative Members--students who participate regularly in on-going publishing and/or online discussion

AP Team Members--students who attend on-ground group "think tanks" as well as participate regularly in on-going publishing and/or on-line discussion

AP Team Leaders--students who demonstrate the highest intellectual, creative and leadership capacity, along with dedication in terms of time/commitment, will be put in charge of focused teams

Students with expertise in the following areas will be included in the team:

Accounting--management of funding and grants (open)

Agricultural science--hydroponics testing (open)

Business--marketing, fiscal analysis, and program management (open)

Chemistry--water purification studies (open)

Civil engineering--structural and foundation integrity (open)

Computer science--simulation and programming solar controller

Economics--national/international financial impact (open)

Electrical engineering--designing solar controller, sensors and instrumentation systems (open)

Environmental engineering--studying environmental impact (open)

Information technology--data processing (open)

Materials science--recycled plastic coverings (open)

Mathematics--process modeling (open)

Mechanical engineering--portable, variable-size framework designs (open)

Meteorology--weather data analysis (open)

Network communications--managing website and online communications (open)

Physics--feasibility calculations for water flow and solar power

Photovoltaics--solar panel optimization

Political science--state, national and international development (open)

Safety--review of equipment and procedures (open)

Systems engineering--cross-discipline integration (open)

(Other areas of expertise will be included as necessary)


Each area will have a leader and at least one other team member.  Participants will be expected to contribute to more than one area and be available for a percentage of online and on-ground meetings. 

All applicants for Participating Membership will submit a resume and brief paper, to be screened by a review committee.


We anticipate paid summer/college break positions and funded travel for serious contributors.

       Basic requirements:

  • Enrolled in college full time
  • Demonstrable skill in some of the needed disciplines
  • Availability to meet online and during college break
  • Willingness to make a multi-year commitment


Team leaders for paid positions will be chosen from the most dedicated contributors.

Submissions will be made online.