Because students, professors, government and business leaders are all busy with other projects, we have designated several tiers of membership, based on amount of contribution.  Any amount of help is appreciated, and all mentorship will be acknowledged on the AP website.  Please join us in this exciting new "Acadmic Quest Unifying Organization." 


Board Members:

                John H. Jacobs, electrical engineering and global business

                James P. Patty, international business

                Tom Chao, advanced internet technology and agriculture

                Libby J. Christensen, grammar, writing and research

                Robert W. Christensen, writing and law

AP Participating Mentors:

                Dr. Virginia Vilardi, biology and education

                Jon Darby, library research

                Michael Labosky, grammar, writing and research

                Jorie Smith, business and writing



To join us, see the Membership page.  For more information on being a Mentor, click the link below:

Levels of Mentorship