News and Events

News and Events


This is a must-see clip. Even in a Paraguayan landfill, people are recycling and reclaiming in a marvelous way!


January 2013--Jorie Smith agreed to become an Aquosus Potentia business mentor. 


December 2012--Member Darrell Goodson volunteered to be Business Manager with the assistance on Online Manager Dawn Sellers and Graphic Artist Marvin Lee.  They presented a package of university and grant contacts and graphic images to be used in the coming season.


July 2012--Aquosus Potentia was granted status by the IRS as a tax-exempt     501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

July 2012 - Winners of writing contest


Water Category

1st Place - Paul Boulet

2nd Place - Amanda Fields

3rd Place - Geoff Welch


Computer Category

1st Place - tie between Dawn Sellers and Nick Christensen


Solar Category

1st Place - Nick Christensen

2nd Place - Nick Christensen

3rd Place - Jasmine Walton


Engineering Category

1st Place - tie between Nathan Tinker and Joel Tinker


Miscellaneous Category

1st Place - Shay Norman

2nd Place - Jessica Griffin

3rd Place - Alexa Blakely


July 2012 - Ceremony at South University to induct new members to Aquosus Potentia



May 2012 - At the Alabama Science and Engineering Fair, Paul Boulet was awarded a $100 prize for his project titled "Water...I'll Drink to That" (published in the AQUOpool Library page).  Rohan Gupta received second prize of $75 for his work on developing a non-invasive method of testing car batteries.


January 4th, 2012 - Geoffrey Welch was made associate director of Aquosus Potentia; Welch is an honors pre-med student at Emory University


October 8th, 2011 - Aquosus Potentia had a booth at the War Eagle B.E.S.T. Robotics Competition in conjunction with Auburn University

August 2011 - South University-Montgomery alpha G33Ks try on their new T-shirts. (left to right, Laila Goston, Tavares Childs, and LaToya Davis)